Hi! My name is Jennifer and I’m a recent MBA graduate who loves Harry Potter, Dr. Who, and all things soft and snuggly. I also love anything related to the Pacific Northwest (my home!). For much of my life, my main focus was on my education and I needed something besides textbooks to give my brain a break. So, over the past few years I’ve become an avid crocheter and I absolutely love making cozy items for everyone! Through this journey I’ve also discovered weaving and it has very quickly become a passion of mine. I could sit and weave for hours, letting my mind wander as I guide the yarn over the warp threads; it makes me feel free and provides me with a long sought-after outlet for artistic expression. I am also very blessed to have a wonderful husband who supports my crafting and even builds my looms for me! I hope you enjoy my musings and creations, if you have any questions, please ask! I’d love to hear from you!