Knit It

I learned to crochet over ten years ago as a freshman in the dorms at Eastern Washington University. My next door neighbor taught me and that year for Christmas, everyone got a scarf. Granted, I only had mastered one stitch and was so poor I had to buy the extra clearance yarn at the local hobby store so each scarf was made of this weird feathery-looking fiber in assorted colors. I also knew nothing of style so each one was about 3″ wide and REALLY long. Imagine that for a moment.

Anyway, while I feel I’ve become very familiar with the art of crochet, I never learned to knit. Over the past couple of years I’ve taken to longingly gazing at other makers and their gorgeous knitted projects and wistfully wishing I was talented enough to know how. I bought a knitting kit from Joanns (that did not go well). I downloaded a free online class (four hours of frustration). Eventually, I gave up and decided to be ok with *only* knowing crochet. 

A few weeks ago, I was lamenting about my knitting misfortune to one of my coworkers when two of the newer girls in my department said that they both knew how to knit! The following week I brought in my needles and yarn and with some tutelage I FINALLY learned to knit! 

This has been an exciting development in my crafting repertoire and I’ve already amassed a collection of 7 sets of needles. Currently, I’m trying to learn how to read knit patterns. I keep reminding myself that it took me over a year of solid crochet before I learned to read patterns but gosh darn it, I want to know right now! 

Anyway, I’m thrilled, this has been a goal for several years now and having a whole new world of crafting opened up before me is very exciting. Just you wait, I’ll be mastering sweaters someday soon (I hope).


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