Scarf It Up

My absolute FAVORITE accessory is scarves. I love light, floaty scarves for early fall/spring and big, warm, chunky scarves for winter (which lasts about 6 months here in Eastern WA). 

Anyway, I’ve accumulated my fair share of handmade scarves over the past two years. Some are hella (HELLA) wonky, and others are so flipping perfect, I can barely remove them from my person. I have so many because obviously, I have to try out new scarf ideas on myself before others, right? Right. 

My scarves are one of the things that I usually make without a pattern, I decide which stitch is going to look killer with whatever yarn I’m working with and just go to town. So, it’s pretty safe to assume that no two scarves are alike. And, to be honest I kind of dig it. That’s the beauty of handmade, right? Each difference or mild flaw tells a story that belongs to that piece and that piece alone. It’s pretty neat. 

I *wish* I had a photo of the first scarf I ever made, about eleven years ago. I was a very poor college freshman with about $20 to my name and a big list of folks I needed to get Christmas gifts for. I’d just learned to crochet a few weeks prior so I bummed a ride to the local Ben Franklin’s and got clearance yarn (the weird, feathery, fuzzy kind) and made about six of the skinniest, ugliest scarves anyone’s ever seen. At the time though, I was prouder than hell. And each person that received a scarf seemed so genuinely pleased with their handmade gift that I thought I was pretty hot shit stuff. 

Again, we’ll fast forward to about two years ago when I picked up crochet in earnest and put my skills to the test. I did start off with some of those free patterns you can find in the yarn aisle at craft stores, and they helped me get a better idea of how to go about making scarves and cowls and the rest is history. 

I’ve made cowls, big cuddly infinity scarves, and lightweight shawl/scarf things and just love them all. The perfect accessory for any season (unless it’s like, super hot). 

Scarf, bonus hat, cowl. Mustard yellow is the bee’s knees.

Puff stitch cowl and my first attempt with the self timer.

FAVORITE ever. This is using All About Ami’s Triple Luxe pattern.

Lightweight shawl/scarf thing. Sold it. Kind of wish I kept it.

The best part about making scarves is that they’re pretty forgiving. Even if you’re terrible at crocheting in the round, joining ends is easy, and then you don’t even have to keep them neat while you’re working; you can just blast right along until your scarf is as big as you want, join those wonky ends, and BAM! Glorious scarf.