Hats Hats Hats

Where I live, we tend to get some pretty decent winters. And I’ve never been a big fan. I really hate being cold. Funnily enough, I love skiing, but if I was never cold again, I think I’d gladly give it up. 

As much as I dislike winter, I love where I live. We have four full seasons, mountains, lakes, and it’s truly the most beautiful place in the world to me. So, I bear with the long cold winters. 

One of the many reasons I got into crochet was to make cold-weather items that were cute, warm, and versatile. I love a good scarf and beanie and being able to make my own not only ensured I’d be warm, but I’d have enough to go with just about any outfit or color combo imaginable. 

My very first hat, boy was that a hot mess: 


For a long time, I exposed all my family members to “gift” pieces like the one above. Sorry guys. But hey, practice is how you get better, right? Now that I have about a zillion hats under my belt, I’m pretty comfortable with just making them up as I go along, and that’s what’s so great about crochet, you can just make shit stuff up and it’ll work out. Or it won’t, but it’s easy-peasy to undo just about anything. 

I love pom poms, every hat should have one.

While we’re talking hats, see anything you like? Check my shop or message me for something special! I promise, it won’t look like that monstrosity at the top of this post. 


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