After I mastered the elephant amigurumi, I started pinning tons of other cute animal tutorials to my Pinterest board (anyone else addicted to that site?). I had owls, and kitties, and unicorns, all pinned and ready for me to try. Quick sidenote: can we all give a HUGE thanks to all the wonderful creators out there who share their patterns and tutorials for free? I’ve learned so much from generous folks who do this and am very grateful! 

Anyways, I had all these fun and adorable amigurumi ideas planned when I received an invitation to my dear friend’s son’s first birthday party. And on that invitation? A bright blue dinosaur. I had to make one for the birthday boy. 

Being a complete amigurumi novice, I knew I needed to find a pattern, but not just any pattern, I wanted it to look as close to that dinosaur invitation as it could. That’s a pretty tall order, but I found it on Maggie Makes Stuff and it was SO perfect! Her pattern was incredibly easy to follow and took me no time at all and, ta-da! Cute dinosaur for the cute birthday boy: 

This little guy could not have been more perfect and I loved it so much, I made another for my brother’s 25th birthday (we’re big nerds). 

I mean, come on, how cute are these guys? So cute, and so tiny, they fit right in the palm of your hand, which is the perfect size for little kiddos, and big ones, like my brother. 

So, there it is, my second amigurumi adventure, the adorable dinosaur. 


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